Law of Content

In the game of content, winners take all


We’re going to let you in on a secret: a small handful of content always drives the majority of results. Whether those results are traffic, engagement, purchases, downloads, or any other action, there will always be a small group of content that drives an outsize percentage of results.

That clearly can't be an easy pill to swallow. After all, when you create content, it's human nature to become attached to it. You nurture it, help it evolve, watch it grow and mature right before your eyes.

You're proud of all your content--and you should be.

The thing is, after analyzing more than 90 million content items, our data science team has conclusively shown that not all content is created equal. Some of your content will sink and some of your content will swim. Therefore, the key to your content success is all about finding the winners within your content. These winners will only comprise a small percentage of your total content, but they are responsible for a majority of the results you’re looking for.

This is the reason why finding these winners early and often is absolutely imperative for your content strategy. These pieces, the cream of your content crop, are the pieces you should be investing your time, attention, and budget on. And with no time to waste in an ever-changing content landscape, the sooner you take action, the greater the velocity and efficiency you'll see from your content.