Creating a Shared Report


Sometimes you need to share a report you’ve put together in your Dashboard with someone that doesn’t have a SimpleReach login. Instead of sending a screenshot or trying to copy and paste information, you can generate a Shared Report. Shared Reports are accessed via a short URL you can share with anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a SimpleReach account.


From the reports page — which should be configured as you want the Shared Report to appear — click the “Generate New Report” button and then click the Share This Report button on the right.Give the report a name and click the "Create Shared Report" button to finish and generate the URL.

Shared Reports do not expose filters or time frame selectors. The only interaction enabled for Shared Reports is the ability to sort. Anyone who has the URL will be able to view the report until it is deleted.


Previously-created Shared Reports can be found under You > Shared Reports at the top of the SimpleReach screen or in a Dashboard’s Settings page.

Managers can view all Shared Reports that have been created within their organization, but only the author of the Shared Report can delete them. If the person who created the Shared Report is no longer in your organization, removing the user's SimpleReach account will delete any Shared Reports they created.

To see a sample Shared Report, click right here!