Exporting Reports


If you need to use SimpleReach data outside of your Dashboard, in Intel Reports you can use the 'Export to CSV' button (just to the right of 'Share This Report') to download Dashboard data for any date range or report configuration.

When you're ready to pull an export, make sure the time frame, published date, and report type are all set, click the “Generate Report” button, and then click 'Export to CSV' once the report is generated. Name the report so you can find it and remember its purpose in a week or month from now.

You can create a Custom Filters export, which will reflect time frame parameters and the type of report you specify (i.e. a report by content items, articles, tags, categories, authors, or days).

Additionally, when the Report Type is set to "Content",  you can create a Content By Day export. This export provides all of the same data as a Custom Filters report, but breaks each content item's performance out by day, based on the date range selected.

It’s important to note that the data dump will include all metrics you have access to, including device data and paid data.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 3.34.07 PM.png

It can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a few hours to generate your export, depending on how much data you're trying to export, but they are usually created fairly quickly. You'll receive an email with a link to the export as soon as it's ready, or you can visit the  You > Exports section of the app. Exports are never deleted by the system (but you can delete them whenever you want to).

Here are the per-article metrics you get when you export:

  • Publisher
  • Article title
  • Day (Only in Content By Day exports)
  • Article URL
  • Published date
  • Page views
  • Uniques
  • Total engaged time (in seconds)
  • Average engaged time (in seconds)
  • Apps/Email/IM/Other Referrals
  • Internal Referrals
  • Other Sites Referrals
  • Search Referrals
  • Total Social Referrals
  • Referrals by Social Network
  • Referrals by Social Network by Device (e.g. tablet referrals from Twitter)
  • Total Social Actions
  • Actions by Social Network
  • Potential tweet Reach
  • Referrals by Device
  • Paid Referrals by Device
  • Paid Referrals by Social Network
  • Paid Referrals by Paid Network (e.g. paid Outbrain referrals)
  • Paid Referrals by Social Network by Device (e.g. paid mobile Facebook referrals) 
  • Paid Referrals by Paid Network by Device