Inviting & Managing Users


First things first: there are three kinds of users on the SimpleReach app: Members, Managers, and Video Analysts. In Site Dashboards, both Members and Managers can see all available data. Video Analysts can only access the Video Summary tab. Managers can (1) add/remove Members and other Managers and (2) create Campaign Dashboards.


On the SimpleReach home page, click on 'Select a site' in the upper left-hand corner to access a list of all your Dashboards. Click the gear icon next to the Site Dashboard you need. Or, if you’re already on the Dashboard page, click the gear in the upper left-hand corner.

This will take you to the People page. Click the 'Invite Members' button, enter the email address/es of the folks you want to add, and select from the dropdown which user role you want to assign to them. On all boards, you can invite a user as either a Manager or a Member. On Video Boards, you can invite users as Video Analysts.

When a user is added to a Board for the first time (regardless of whether they already have a SimpleReach login), they will receive an email letting them know they have been added to the board. If the user doesn’t already have a SimpleReach login, the email will contain a link to set their SimpleReach password and login, as well as set their preferred time zone, whether that's their own, or a different time zone in which they need to be reviewing data.

If the people you invite say they haven't received their invitation, make sure they check their spam folder!


You can click on the tab for Managers, Members, or Video Analysts (you’ll only see them on Video Boards only) to see the users in each role on the board.

By clicking 'Edit' next to a name on the People page, you can also do these important things:

  • Resend Invite: Sends a new invite email to that user. If a clock icon appears next to the gear, the invitation is still pending for that user.
  • Manage Dashboard Access: Add the user to more boards (more on this below)
  • Remove User: Remove a user from the board
  • Change a user's role
    • Managers can be changed to Members. On Video Boards, they can also be limited to Video Analysts
    • Members can be upgraded to Managers. On Video Boards, they can also be limited to Video Analysts
    • Video Analysts can be upgraded to Members or Managers


If you're a Manager and want to edit the users on a Campaign Dashboard, click the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner to go to the People page. This page largely follows the same structure as the Site Dashboard, covered above. Click the 'Invite Members' button, enter the email address/es of the folks you want to add, and select the role you want to assign them, just like above for the Site Dashboard additions.

You'll also see the option to invite people from your organization. Check the 'Select all' box and add everyone who has access to your Site Dashboard to this campaign. We won't send them a notification email unless you also check the 'Notify by email' box right next to it. These new Members will all have Member-level access.


To manage the settings of an individual user that already has a SimpleReach login, access their user detail page by either choosing 'Manage access' from under the gear icon next to their name, or just click on their name on the People page. Here, you’ll see which Dashboards they have access to as well as a list of every Dashboard you are able to give them access to.

You can click the 'Select all' box to do just that, or select individual Dashboards. By default, these invitations will not prompt an email, so check off 'Notify by email' if you want one sent. Scroll to the bottom and select either the “Invite as Manager”, “Invite as Member”, or "Invite as Video Analyst" button to grant them access.

Note: if you select "Invite as Video Analyst" for a non-video board, when that user attempts to access the board, they won't be able to see any of that board's data.

From this window, you can also remove a user’s access to campaigns.