Setting Up Tracking Parameters for Paid Campaigns


If you're running paid distribution on your content, you'll want to make sure you're tracking which content items you've spent money on. We have a set of tracking parameters just for paid traffic that enables:

  • the paid indicator to light up next to a content item in the Dashboard
  • the breakdown of paid referrals by network at the bottom of the Content Details page and in exports
  • the organic vs. paid time series chart in the Content Details page

To enable these features, append the relevant tracking parameter from the list below to the links you’re using in content promotion advertisements.

Note: If SimpleReach is managing your paid distribution campaign, you do not have to worry about these parameters. We will handle it all for you.

Facebook: ?sr_source=lift_facebook

Twitter: ?sr_source=lift_twitter

StumbleUpon: ?sr_source=lift_stumbleupon

LinkedIn: ?sr_source=lift_linkedin

Outbrain: ?sr_source=lift_outbrain

Taboola: ?sr_source=lift_taboola

Gemini: ?sr_source=lift_gemini

Gravity: ?sr_source=lift_gravity

Sharethrough: ?sr_source=lift_sharethrough

Reddit: ?sr_source=lift_reddit

Polar: ?sr_source=lift_polar

Nativo: ?sr_source=lift_nativo

Pinterest: ?sr_source=lift_pinterest

Google Search: ?sr_source=lift_google_search

Google Display: ?sr_source=lift_google_display

Bing Search: ?sr_source=lift_bing_search

Bing Display: ?sr_source=lift_bing_display

Digg: ?sr_source=lift_digg

Access: ?sr_source=lift_access

If you don't see your network above, use ?sr_source=lift_amplify

As an example, if you wanted to spend on LinkedIn, you would add ?sr_source=lift_linkedin to the end of any URL, making it:

The tracking parameters are network-specific, so if you wanted to spend on the same article on Twitter, you would add ?sr_source=lift_twitter, making the full URL:

The same applies for Facebook, StumbleUpon, and so on.

If using a link shortener like, our tracking parameters will still function correctly. Just make sure to add the correct parameters to the URL before you place it into the shortener. 

If you’re using other analytics tools like Google Analytics or Omniture, our parameters work in conjunction with any parameters you need to append for those tools.

For example, if you’re also using a UTM or XID tag on a Facebook campaign, you would just append our parameter to the end of the URL with an &sr_source=lift_facebook:

As mentioned, the referral source changes per network, so don’t forget to change the network name at the end of the parameter (&sr_source=lift_facebook) to the name of the network you're trying to track.