Setting Up Tracking Parameters for Social Distribution


To most effectively use the Dashboard, you'll want to make sure you're adding tracking parameters when you post articles to social networks. These let you filter your Dashboard by which content hasn't yet been shared on certain networks, and lights up the network icons on the Dashboard and Content Details page.

Note that these tracking parameters are not required to pull social actions and social referrals.

Here's how to make sure you're tracking the networks on which you've shared your content.

When sharing a content item on a social network, append the appropriate tracking parameter to the url in the form of:


where 'network-name' is replaced with the name of the social network you are posting on.

The networks we currently track are:

Facebook: ?sr_share=facebook

Twitter: ?sr_share=twitter

Pinterest: ?sr_share=pinterest

Reddit: ?sr_share=reddit

LinkedIn: ?sr_share=linkedin

StumbleUpon: ?sr_share=stumbleupon

Google+: ?sr_share=googleplus

As an example, if you wanted to post on Facebook, you would add ?sr_share=facebook to the end of any URL, making it:

The tracking parameters are network-specific, so if you wanted to post on the same article on Twitter, you would add ?sr_share=twitter, making the full URL:

You may or may not be wondering at this point “how do these work if I'm using a link?” That's easy, just add your tracking parameters, roll up the whole URL, and everything should be good to go!

You also may or may not be wondering at this point “SimpleReach, you're great, but I also use another analytics tool like Google Analytics or Omniture in addition to you. How will these parameters work for me?” Don't worry folks, these parameters can also be used in correspondence to any other analytics tags you might be currently using.

For example, if you’re also using a UTM or XID tag on a Facebook campaign, you would just append our parameter to the end of the URL with an &sr_share=facebook:

As mentioned, the referral source changes per network, so don’t forget to change the network name at the end of the parameter (&sr_share=facebook) to the name of the network you're trying to track.