Generating Ads

The how's and why's of getting your content advertising game off the ground

People don't find great content by accident. It doesn't fall from the sky or just appear when someone clicks their heels three times.

The truth is, every great content plan needs a complementary promotion strategy to get it in front of the right eyes. And by now, you're likely well-versed in that special strategy: paid distribution. And if you're not, take a few minutes to read that article. It’s ok, we’ll wait. 

In a perfect world, your content would have big, bright lights and arrows pointing at it so that it could be spotted from a mile away without you lifting a finger. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world.

That's why it's necessary to promote your content and generate ads to invite your audience to read, share, and engage with your content. And we can help you with that every step of the way, because we have a custom-built buying solution that connects to various distribution networks (such as Facebook and Outbrain), giving us the data we need to understand how those networks are working together, which ones are providing you the best results, and the ability to optimize accordingly.

But it's not just about buying ad space; it's also about developing ads.

The first step to developing ads is writing the copy. If you'd like them to, our copywriters will write the copy for your ads, taking into account your brand's voice, message, and goals. If you'd like it funny, we'll throw in some of our best jokes (at least according to us). If you'd like it informative and serious, we'll save the jokes for another time. All the copy we produce will be subject to your approval to maintain your standards.

The next step is generating an image for the ad: something that will catch your readers' eye when they come across your ads. This is a chance to give your ad an even more personal touch, so have some fun with it!

Now that your ad has the right amount of personality and charisma, it's time to put it in front of the right audience. We do this by targeting on a series of levels:


  • On a macro level, we use targeting pools that typically work well across the industry as a whole, using research from our data science team.
  • On an article level, we hone in on the context and content of your piece and target based on what we learn. For example, if you're writing about wearable tech, we'll gear our targeting around... well, wearable tech.
  • On an affinities level, we'll go after an audience that has interests that align with the information your piece of content presents, but that are not directly connected. At this level, we'll also target lookalike audiences, or a demographic of people similar to those who read your piece of content. 

If you have specific targeting suggestions or pools that you have found to be successful in recent campaigns, we can certainly use those as well. We are constantly adding, evolving, and updating our targeting pools in response to the content landscape, discovering new and relevant affinity groups to give your content that extra boost.

And as we've alluded to previously, the rules of the content game are simple: find what works and forget the rest. It's a guiding principle for paid distribution, and it's why we A/B test multiple ad variations to determine which combination of copy, images, and targeting pools drives the most traffic back to your site.

Just remember: these days, your audience has infinite options when choosing content to consume. This is a surefire way to make sure your content is the one they click on.