First Steps

What to expect when you're getting started with SimpleReach

After you become a SimpleReach customer, the first order of business is to get our code successfully implemented on the properties you’re tracking. To help guide you through the implementation process, you’ll be introduced to your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


Your CSM will have a conversation with you and your team to understand the nuances of your property and any special measurement you may need (such as Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP). Based on that conversation, they will send you implementation instructions for placing our code on your site and will be in constant contact with you throughout the implementation process and beyond.

When your team is done implementing our code, we will QA to make sure everything is configured correctly. If so, data collection will begin immediately, and your CSM will be in touch with login information for your team.

Once you’re in, you’ll have a demo call with your CSM to answer any and all questions you may have about SimpleReach.


If you’re a marketer or agency using SimpleReach to measure your branded content buys, your job is pretty simple: introduce us to your publisher partners.

Often, we’re already implemented with the partners on your plan, in which case we just flip the on-switch to give you access to your content's data. If we’re not already implemented with your partners, we’ll work with them to get measurement set up. 

Please make these introductions as soon as possible, so that we have enough lead time to ensure tracking is set up before your campaign launches (this process may require some additional involvement from you).


If you're running paid distribution with us, we will work with you to understand your goals, budget, timeline, creative requirements, network and audience preferences, and the cadence of your content so we can start planning your campaign. 


At this point, if you're thinking to yourself, Can my third-party CMS integrate with SimpleReach? What about my tag manager?, then you're in luck.

Just let your CSM know who these vendors are and what you’re looking to accomplish, and they'll work with you to successfully set up the integration. We have extensive experience managing these types of integrations and likely have a playbook in place for the partners you’re working with.