Ad Placement Specifications

Facebook, Outbrain, TripleLift, oh my!


SimpleReach works with a pretty long list of social networks and distribution channels where we promote our customers' content, so we know a thing or two about the requirements of designing ads for each one.

Here are the specs you'll need to know to put together promoted posts and ads wherever you're running campaigns with us.

Social Networks

On social networks, users can engage with ads: retweeting, commenting, liking, Facebook-emoji-ing, etc., so your ads should optimize for engagement as well as clickthroughs. Here are the requirements for the social networks we run on:

Facebook: News Feed

News Feed ads appear in the same flow as Facebook's user-generated content, interspersed among the status updates, event shares, and all those #tbt photos that make up your news feed. They look like this:

Facebook News Feed specs:

  • Text: no character limit,  90 Characters recommended
  • Image: 1200x628 pixels, images should include as little text as possible
  • Headline: no character limit, 25 characters recommended
  • News feed link description: no character limit, 30 characters recommended

Facebook: Right rail

Facebook's other text/image ad format, right rail ads, appear on the righthand side of the news feed next to the messenger queue.

Facebook right rail ad specs:

  • Image: 254x133 pixels
  • Headline: 25 characters max
  • Text: 90 characters max

Facebook: Video

Facebook’s video format appears in the News Feed  in the same flow as Facebook's user-generated content.

Facebook video ad specs:

  • Caption: 2,200 characters max, 90 characters recommended
  • Video length: 120 minutes max
  • File size: 4 GB max
  • Format: mp4 recommended

FACEBOOK: Instagram

Instagram ads appear in the Instagram feed, alongside user generated posts.

Instagram ad specs:

  • Image ratio: 1:1
  • Image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Caption: text only, 125 characters recommended

Twitter: Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets appear in the Twitter timeline, same as any ol' tweet, with a small tag to signify that they're sponsored content. Promoted tweets are the best format choice if you're optimizing for Twitter engagement.

Note that there are different formats depending on whether your promoted tweet includes an image. 

Twitter promoted tweet specs:

  • Tweet with an image: 110 characters max
    • Image: 320x800 pixels
  • Tweet without an image: 130 characters max

Twitter: Twitter cards

Twitter cards present much like a typical tweet, but with extra space to introduce your content. They're optimized for driving website clicks, since the whole card is one big link back to a given website. They also appear in the Twitter timeline.

Twitter tweet card specs:

  • Text: 110 characters max
  • Image: 320x800 pixels
  • Headline: 70 characters max

LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

Promoted LinkedIn posts appear — where else? — on the LinkedIn homepage, in line with user-generated content.

Unless the publisher chooses an image to be uploaded, all you need to write for a LinkedIn promoted post is a description, including a URL. The title, intro text, and image thumbnail will all pull automatically from the page. Note that the character limit for the description is inclusive of the URL.

If the publisher does give us an image, this is what it looks like:

LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content specs:

  • URL & Description: 160 characters (including link) max

StumbleUpon: promoted Stumbles

Promoted Stumbles appear much like non-sponsored pages, but are marked as sponsored with a small tag in the top right corner.

Only URL is required. How simple.


Reddit: sponsored link 

Sponsored Reddit links appear at the top of a Reddit page, in a separate section from user-submitted links.

Reddit sponsored link specs:

  • Headline: 100 characters max. Pro tip: 16–18 words is ideal.

Content Recommendation Networks

Content recommendation networks are channels that recommend content to users in a non-social setting. Unlike promoted posts on social networks, of course, users can't engage with these posts, so you should be optimizing for clicks. Here are specs for the distribution networks we work with:

Outbrain: Promoted Content

You know those “you might also like” links at the bottom or to the side of online articles? Those are Outbrain links.

Outbrain specs:

  • Headline: 35–45 characters is ideal, 70 characters max
  • Thumbnail: 1200x800 pixels (Min size 400x260) and under 2.5MB in size

Taboola: Promoted Content

Taboola ads appear on the page much like Outbrain links: recommended content to the side of an article.

Taboola specs:

  • Headline: 35–45 characters is ideal, 70 characters max
  • Thumbnail: 400x300 pixels and under 50KB in size

Yahoo Gemini: Promoted Posts

Yahoo Gemini promoted posts appear interspersed with non-promoted content on Yahoo platforms. You have two options for image formats in these posts. 



AdsNative is a native ad in-feed service, which means that it plants your ads directly into the feed of whatever site you're advertising on. Thus, all your ads will look and feel like the content that originates from that particular site.

AdsNative specs:

  • Headline: 60 characters max
  • Body: 100 characters max
  • Brand Name: included for “promoted by” or “sponsored by” label
  • Logo (optional): 35 x 35 pixels min (no max)
  • Display Image: approx. 480x360 pixels


TripleLift ads match the vibe of the site they're placed on, so they fit in with surrounding content. They are clearly identified as ads.

TripleLift specs:

  • Headline: 150 characters max
  • Description: 300 characters max
  • Image: 800-1200 pixels wide, under 1MB in size
  • Logo: 300-600 pixels wide, transparent background, PNG file


Sharethrough ads are designed to appear visually similar to other content in the feed of the sites they are on, but are clearly labelled as ads.

Sharethrough specs:

  • Image: 1200 x 1200 pixels
  • Title: 50 characters
  • Description: 200 characters


Connatix ads are placed directly in the feed of the host editorial content, matching the look and feel of the content around them.

Connatix specs:

  • Title: 50 characters max
  • Description: 100 characters max
  • Image: 300KB in size max