SimpleReach API


The host for the SimpleReach API is All traffic destined for the API comes in on port 80.


Authentication to the SimpleReach API requires the request to include 3 headers along with the request.


There are 2 items that make up the set of SimpleReach credentials: access key and secret key. Both are necessary to complete an API request.


The following x-headers are all required to successfully complete an API request.


The value in the API key will be generated by taking a SHA1 hash of the '$SECRET+$TIMESTAMP' (note that the seperator should be a plus sign). This is what generating the API key in psuedocode would look like:

def create_key(secret):
  now =
  return sha1(secret + '+' + now)


The timestamp should be the seconds since epoch generated at the time of the request. It should be noted that any timestamp greater than 300 seconds old will force the request to be rejected.


This is the access key that is given to you with the SimpleReach credentials.