Why is there a grey bar in the video chart?


If you set the date of your video report to one within the last 4 days, a grey bar may appear in the chart. This bar represents data that is within our Actualization window, and therefore subject to change. 

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and AdWords retroactively review and update their reported numbers in the subsequent days after they've been released to ensure full accuracy. As an example, Facebook might report that a video had 34 views on 4/25. Over the subsequent 3 days, they’ll audit their numbers and may revise the reporting to show that on 4/25, that video actually had 31 views.

In order to make sure that our data is the same as the data reported by those platforms, we go back and check to make sure that any changes they have made are reflected in our system. The grey bar is a visual indicator that lets you know that the data within that range is within our Actualization window and might change.

We actualize all metrics that we track from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and AdWords, not just views.