Why don't individual content item totals add up to the overall totals?


When you generate a report in a Dashboard, you many notice on occasion, that if you add up the metrics from each individual content item, it may not equal the totals displayed at the top of the report. This is most prevalent when the report type is tags or categories. The reason this happens is because when generating report totals, we ensure we aren’t double-counting content items.

Oftentimes a content item will have multiple tags or categories assigned to it. If a report type is tags, you filter for specific tags, and a content item has two tags assigned to it, we want to make sure we count it once, not twice, when generating the content totals. But, we want to show the performance for each tag individually. 

For example, let’s say there is a content item that has earned 100 page views and has the tags “Foo” and “Bar” assigned to it. Let’s also assume that this is the only content item with the “Foo” and “Bar” tags. If you run a report that filters for the tags “Foo” and “Bar” and set the report type to tags, it will show that the tag “Foo” has 100 page views, the tag “Bar” has 100 page views”, but the totals section will display 100 page views, not 200.