Why is some content duplicated on the dashboard?


Do you have Article Metrics set up? With Article Metrics, you can identify multiple versions of the same content item and our system will roll up the data for each version into one line item -- which will eliminate duplicates. Using Article Metrics is the only way we can combine duplicates. You can reach out to your CSM and they can help you fix your implementation to include Article Metrics.

If you don't have Article Metrics set up, our system will collect all data on a URL level, creating a new Content Details Page for every new URL that is passed to us through our code. Any time a piece of content has multiple URLs (i.e. mobile vs desktop, http vs. https), each URL will be treated as an independent entity by our system.

In the case of URL redirects, our system will apply all data to the final destination URL and is unable to differentiate between data from the starting and ending URL.