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Let's make friendship bracelets!

Real time trending Dashboards and historical reports: sounds fancy, doesn’t it? But we know what you’re thinking. How can those two nifty-sounding concepts actually help in your everyday work life? Allow us to break it down for you, role by role.


  • Post trending content to the right network at the right time. Go viral…but in a way that's as organic as your Whole Foods smoothie.
  • Identify and post your best older content. You’ll be able to find out what’s “evergreen,” which will allow you to generate a second life for that content.
  • Make adjustments to posting schedules throughout the day. That’s where that fancy “real time trending Dashboard” thing comes in handy.
  • Engage with Twitter movers and shakers on the Content Details page.


  • Program the homepage and category pages with the top trending content throughout the day like you've seen the future.
  • Provide external traffic partner sites with links to the top trending content. They’ll love you for it.
  • A/B test headline variations, then promote the most social version. We’ll help you figure out what kind of copy works best.
  • Create a ‘trending’ category featuring the most social content. Yay!


  • Build content strategies and dedicate resources to producing the most social content. Everyone will think you’re a genius and this will likely lead to you getting picked first during your annual company kickball game.
  • Understand which authors, categories, and tags perform best on which networks and device types. (Are you starting to think that this all sounds like it's going to make you a little omniscient? You’re right…and it’s pretty awesome.)
  • Collaborate with your social media editors to develop posting strategies to reach the right audiences with the right content. We’re helping you forge the ultimate tag team. You're welcome.