How Can We Help You?


We put together the below guide to help you better understand how you can use SimpleReach to improve your day-to-day work, based on your specific role.


  • Create Campaign Dashboards for each branded content campaign you’re running. We automatically collect and organize on-page and platform data for every content item in each campaign, which makes it simple to check on day-to-day campaign performance and find all the data you need for wrap-up reports.
  • Create a Universal Dashboard to monitor the health of your entire content program. Every content item across every campaign can be loaded into one Dashboard, which will help you understand where your program stands and draw out cross-campaign insights.
  • Use our Branded Content Benchmarks to compare your content performance against the industry or specific competitive sets and categories, which is useful for pre-sale activities and campaign wrap-ups.
  • Our paid distribution team can help ensure campaigns hit or exceed the goals you’ve sold in. In the app, you’ll have the transparency to see the impact of paid on campaigns and campaign metrics.
  • For more ideas, check out our case study with The Atlantic.


  • We’ll work with all of the publishers in your buy (most of them will already be working with us) to make sure we’re measuring all of the content in your campaign(s).
  • Create a Campaign Dashboard to track individual campaign or publisher performance. We’ll automatically collect and organize all of the relevant on-page and platform data for each content item, which makes it easy to monitor progress across your KPIs. 
  • With a Universal Dashboard, you can create a one-stop shop to view the status of your entire branded content universe. Compare publisher performance apples to apples and identify the themes and messages that are most effective at reaching your brand goals.
  • Use Branded Content Benchmarks to understand the content that is outperforming the industry, competitive set, or content category and identify the areas of your buy that are in need of improvement.


  • Build content strategies and dedicate resources to producing content that can exceed your goals using the insights in our Real-Time Dashboard.
  • Use the Content Details page to understand how people are finding and engaging with your content. Understand the time they’re spending on-page, how much of the content they’re consuming, how key metrics change across devices, the top influencers sharing the content on Twitter, and the traffic sources to the content. Share those insights across your teams to ensure you’re creating the content your users want to engage with.
  • Use Dashboard Reports to understand the authors, categories, and tags that are driving the strongest results across networks and device types. Work with editorial teams to monitor the performance of these components and adjust editorial calendars to focus on the content that is hitting your goals.