Social Posts

On the Content Details Page, Managers can see and click on the "Social Posts" tab to access all data around your owned posts linking to the content item.

Social Posts - Content Show Page.png

In the Social Posts tab, you can see all of the posts from your connected Facebook Page(s) that link to this content item.

Social Posts Details (2).png

Changing the time frame up top will adjust the posts and data shown for all metrics except Reach, which is an all-time metric.

At the top of the Social Posts section are summary metrics representing the total social activity for all of the detected posts linking to the content item. It includes every metric we're tracking for Social Posts, with the exception of Reach, which is only shown at the post level because Facebook does not provide a mechanism to de-duplicate reach across posts.

For each post, you can see the below metrics, as well as an embed of the post itself.

  • Impressions: How many times the post was seen

  • Reach: How many unique people saw the post

  • Clicks

    • Link Clicks: How many times the link in the post was clicked on

    • Other Clicks: How many times everything else on the post was clicked on

  • Reactions by Type

    • like, love, wow, haha, sorry, anger

    • Other: Sometimes Facebook releases temporary reactions, these are counted here

  • Shares: How many times the post was shared

  • Comments: How many comments there were on the post

If a post isn't showing up or you need help setting up Social Posts, reach out to your CSM or