Video Summary


The Video Summary tab provides a client-friendly view of your video campaigns, displaying channel reporting on all campaign metrics. It is designed to be shared with your clients so they can track campaign performance. You can access it by clicking on the “Video Summary” tab in the reports section of your Campaign Dashboard.

Note: When viewing your list of Boards in the menu, any Board that contains video data will have a video icon next to its name.


You can filter the data displayed in the report by:

  • Time Frame: Adjusting this filter will limit the data shown to the time frame specified. The default range is the last 7 days.
  • Platform: Adjusting this filter will limit the data shown to the specific platform, as well as show platform specific metrics.
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.52.42 PM.png


The chart displays views over time by platform. Hover over any date to view a breakout of views by platform for that date. The graph adjusts for whichever time frame you select.

If you set the time frame of the report to within the last 4 days, a grey bar may appear in the chart. This is a visual indicator to let you know that the data within that time frame is being actualized and may be subject to change. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube audit their numbers to remove things like bot traffic or fraud in the 2-4 days after they are released, so we go back and check to make sure that any changes they make are accurately reflected in the metrics we report.


The table, and the video product overall, is built around the concept of “Video Groups”. Video Groups allow you to aggregate multiple ads/posts into a single unit, so that you can easily report on their collective performance. For example, let’s say you have one video that you posted to your Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and also promoted on Instagram. Using Video Groups, you can aggregate the performance from all three channels to easily answer the question “How did this video perform overall?”.

Each row in the table displays a Video Group, and clicking the stack icon to the left of the row will expand and how how the video performed on each channel (instead of showing individual ad performance).

  • The top row of the table (in white) shows Board level totals, summarizing performance.
  • Video Groups are sorted by views. Within the Video Group, channel performance is also sorted by views.
  • The table will display the Key Metric, views, and quartiles for each video.
    • Not all metrics are available for all platforms. Metrics that are not available will be indicated by a “--”.  These are treated as a 0 when calculating Video Group or Board level totals.
  • Unlike the Video Reports tab, this view does not separate paid and organic data.
    • Paid indicators and the donut charts breaking down paid and organic views have been removed.
  • When you filter for a specific platform, additional platform-specific metrics will be shown in the table. To view them, click on the arrow that appears on the right side of the table in the top row of the table (in white).

Exporting data

On the top right, can click the "Export to CSV" button to generate a CSV of your video data. The CSV will provide data by video group, based on whatever filters you have set up when you request the export.