Real-Time Dashboard


For the Campaign Dashboard, you can learn more here.

The Real-Time Dashboard is your one-stop overview of everything that's happening with your content. This is your command center for the overall health of your content, organized to help you strategize with tools like traffic predictions, comprehensive breakdowns of traffic sources and social activity, and dozens of filter and sorting combinations to let you parse out your data however you need. 


The header of your Dashboard lays out the big picture: unique views, average engaged time, social actions, social referrals, total page views, and device breakdowns. The display of some of these metrics might be disabled on certain Dashboards. These numbers, updating in real time, give you a high-level view of which networks are driving traffic to your content, where people are engaging with your content, the devices on which your audience views your content, and how much time they're spending there. Click on any of the donuts for a quick detailed breakdown.


To the immediate left of each content item is our Page View Score.

The Page View Score uses a 0-99 index based on expected traffic over the next hour to create a snapshot of content performance right now, which you can use to understand how your content items are performing relative to one another.

To the left of the score is a velocity indicator which allows you to see whether your content item is gaining (green) or losing traction (orange).

To the left of the threshold indicator are percentile tiles, which contextualize what a particular score means for you. As we track your content, we benchmark the scores the content is earning to identify which scores correspond to your top 25%, 15%, 10%, etc. Use these benchmarks to understand where a content item stands relative to your historical content performance based on its Page View Score.


For a quick peek at more details of the traffic a content item is generating, click on the three horizontal lines to the far right of its title. View cumulative and non-cumulative traffic graphs by network or in aggregate.


Each content item will have small icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Google+ beneath the title. If the icon is lit up, it means the content item is posted to your account(s) on that network. For the most accurate information, be sure to use social tracking parameters and paid tracking parameters.


The Dashboard defaults to sorting content by which pieces are trending, in descending order. But there are plenty of other ways to organize the content. 

To make sure you're covering all your bases with social and/or paid promotion, toggle the dropdown menu of sorting options that defaults to 'Trending' on the right to sort by what hasn't yet been posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, or StumbleUpon—or to sort by what you haven't spent money on.



The 'Most Viewed' tab, which updates hourly, displays content items ranked by page views. On Site Dashboards, the time frame for most-viewed is the current day. For Campaign Dashboards, the time frame will be the lifetime of the Dashboard.


'Recently Published' sorts content in reverse chronological order, based on the published date passed into our tag.