eCommerce Reports



When you access a Dashboard in SimpleReach, the first tab you'll see open is the eCommerce overview. Let's break it down:


The time frame determines the date range of activity for the report. The default is the last seven days, but this can be configured to show any custom range you'd like; just click on the dates for a menu of options, including 'date range' which will let you customize the time frame.


Beneath the selected time frame, you'll see five big numbers that summarize the metrics for the timespan you've specified:

Conversions: the total number of conversions driven.

CPA: the average cost-per-acquisition.

Spend breakdown: a donut representing the budget spent on retargeting versus audience building.

Spend to date: the total spend.

Revenue: the total number of dollars you've made. Just beneath that you'll see your ROI as a percentage, and your average order value (AOV) in dollars.


This graph is a visualization of the cumulative size of your audience over time. By hovering your mouse over the graph, you'll get the specific cumulative number of clicks as of a given day.


This second visualization, at the bottom of the page, has two graphs, which you can toggle between with the tabs below 'Performance trends': conversions and weekly CPA.

Conversions: This first tab compares conversions to spend (cumulative) over time, so you can see how your budgeting is directly affecting customer conversions. Just like the audience size graph, you can hover your mouse over the graph to get the specific cumulative number of clicks as of a given day.

Weekly CPA: Select the second tab to see a visualization of your average cost-per-acquistion versus spend. The time axis is by week, so the metrics you see are over the course of each week of your campaign. Mouse over for exact numbers.


The second tab you'll see is the 'eCommerce Details' tab. More numbers to play with!


Just like on the eCommerce overview, this lets you choose the date range for which you want to view data. Click on the displayed range (again, defaulted to the last seven days) to customize.


Here you'll see two visualizations from the eCommerce overview side-by-side: audience size over time, and conversions compared to spend over time (all cumulative).


This section breaks down spend, number of clicks, and average cost-per-click on each network being used to build your audience. These are listed in descending order by spend per network so you can where your dollars are making the biggest impact on growth.


Here are those same numbers—spend, clicks, and average cost-per-click—for display performance in your retargeting campaign.


The last section on the eCommerce Details page is 'Daily performance.' This gives you day-by-day metrics for several data points for each given day:

Spend: what was spent on a particular day

Conversions: the total number of conversions achieved

Revenue: the total revenue earned

Average order value: the average amount of dollars you've made per driven purchase

Daily performance is organized by calendar month: just scroll down to see previous months of your campaign.