Paid Distribution Reports


If you're running paid distribution campaigns with us, you can use the ‘Paid’ tab in the Reports section of your Dashboard to track campaign performance. All of the paid campaigns associated with the Campaign Dashboard will be available in this tab, sorted by whether they are active, and then by how recently they took place. To the right of the campaign name, it will say “Active” if the campaign is currently happening, or “Completed” if it ended.

Note:  As a best practice, we recommend creating a separate Campaign Dashboard for each active paid campaign. When you have multiple paid campaigns on the same Dashboard, they will each affect the others’ eCPC and Paid Lift metrics, skewing the results in an inaccurate manner.

Paid reports are updated by 1 PM EST each weekday.


The first thing you'll see is the report for your most recently created campaign. Specifically, the first thing you'll see is five big numbers:

Total budget: the total budget you set for this campaign.
Spend to date: how much of that budget has been spent so far.
Remaining spend: how much you have left in your budget.
CPC: the average cost-per-click for this campaign, as reported directly by the distribution networks.
eCPC: the effective cost-per-click, which differs from CPC in that it takes into account paid lift. That is, if a reader clicks on an ad, and consequently shares it the link with one of their friends who also clicks, you just got a free click and cut that CPC in half.
Paid Lift: the rate at which your paid efforts are increasing clicks and awareness.


Beneath this header, you'll find breakouts by distribution network for spend to date, clicks to date, and overall CPC for each network.


And beneath this, you'll find an even more detailed breakdown for for each day of the campaign. Daily breakdowns include clicks and spend for each network, overall CPC, and total spend.

By default, campaigns that are completed or archived are hidden. To view them, scroll down and click the button to show those reports.